West Townhome: Aztec & Navajo

The beach-front townhome on the west side is nicknamed ‘Aztec & Navajo‘.

Upon entering it you are in the great room. The kitchen is to your left. It is a full kitchen with a double sink, a large stove, a refrigerator, a large cabinet for all your household needs.

There is a coffee pot, a toaster, a microwave, a blender, and all the pots, pans and dinnerware you need. A large dining table will seat up to 8 persons.

The living area of the great room has two large sofas, a coffee table and a TV set with satellite connection. Like in the other townhome of the Villa, you will notice the large fireplace.

Beside the fireplace, two French doors lead to a large porch that has a shade overhang and lots of beach chairs and lounges.

Walk down the steps are you are directly on the beach with your your toes in the sand. The décor of this great room blends fish, birds plants and flowers, dolphins and a discreet Indian accent that you will enjoy.

The great room leads directly to the bedrooms and bathrooms. One of these bedrooms is called the ‘Pueblo bedroom’.

This is a large room with two queen beds, a large dresser with mirror and a closet for your hangs. Its three windows face the ocean.

Decorated in Navajo colors it showcases dimensional artwork. This bedroom is colorfully finished, with the Navajo theme extending to the ceiling.

The double bathroom connected to the Pueblo Bedroom is fully tiled in a Navajo theme. We found an antique dresser to use as a bathroom sink stand and an old hutch that adds a great deal of charm to the tile work and mirrors.

The double shower is also in the Navajo theme with the use of tile and firebricks along with glass blocks.

In the next photo gallery, you will discover the master suite of the West Townhome.

The great room of the West Townhome opens up on the Master Suite atop a couple of steps. We have called this suite the ‘Aztec / Inca Bedroom’: its décor is of Aztec and Inca inspiration with a large lizard in sculptured tin on the wall.

The suite has a queen bed, two easy chairs and a table for relaxing and looking outside to the sea.

Its bathroom has a great deal of flair with red tile work and glass blocks. The closet doors are fitted with full-length mirrors.

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