Common Areas

When entering the Villa compound (all walled in, very private), you are entering through a large arch that is finished with cobalt blue and terracotta tile. You are facing south.

You will immediately feel in a wide open space, yet comfort and quiet. The Sea of Cortez is visible from this vantage point.

There is a three-sided, walled-in, two-car carport both on the east side and on the west side.The paved entrance is stained in terracotta color. In front of you are potted plants and a short wall. In the center, a stairway will lead you to a first landing area. There, it branches off to the east and west, where the Casitas are built.

From this landing, the stairway heads down to the common courtyard. The courtyard is decorated with many potted plants and flowers.On your left and on your right, there are two overhead porch roofs with potted plants and flowers. Bougainvillea vines hang from the ceiling of these porches.

The courtyard has a very quiet feeling. Flowers and plants, painted wall accents and tile décor make it pleasantly colorful.

The walkway to the left takes you to a blue gate: it leads you to a special walkway with an overhang patio roof viewing area, and continues down to a stairway that takes you to the beach front. This same walkway takes you to the entrance of the 2-bedroom townhome built on the beach front.

The walkway to the right first takes you to the laundry room, then to the large BBQ area under the porch overhang. As you continue on the walkway you reach the entrance of the second 2-bedroom townhome built on the beach front.

Other Homes in Villa