Casita West Side

The west side of the walkway is on your right side as you go down a few steps to the 1st landing of the Madre del Mar rental home.

The front of the Casita West Side is walled in and creates a small private porch with table chairs and umbrella.

The Casita is like a studio apartment. The door opens on the great room. Directly to your left, you will find a kitchen bar with stools. Behind the kitchen bar on the far north wall the kitchen is equipped with a 4-burner cooktop, a sink, a good size countertop and cabinets with plenty of storage space.

Directly to your left side upon entering is the dining area with a table and 4 chairs. You will find a coffee pot, a toaster, a microwave or a toaster oven, a blender, a refrigerator and purified water for drinking. Again, purified water is a great convenience in Las Conchas.

The living area comes next as you move west, with a sofa, a coffee table and directly ahead are two queen beds with drawers built in under the beds. Right of the queen beds there is also a closet that has places for folded clothing and a hang area.

To your right, half-way into the Casita, is a short hallway with a good size vanity with mirror and sink. Drawers are there for your use. The bathroom itself has a toilet and a large shower.

The Casita West Side is decorated with lively colors typical of a Mexican garden setting and of the colonial culture. It is lively and fun in its detail of decorations. An authentic place in Rocky Point.

On the kitchen bar there is a small TV, hooked up to satellite. The air conditioning/heating unit has two 1.5 ton heat pumps. There are three ceiling fans and 2 floor fans for additional comfort if wanted. We want to make your vacation time in Las Conchas truly a great experience.

The wall on the south side is all windows with a full view of the beachfront of the Sea of Cortez, with a bit of the courtyard.

The Casita West Side offers approximately 350-400 square feet of living space. This size makes it perfect for 2-4 people. It can accommodate up to 5 persons if you travel with small children. Children love lots of space, and their vacations in Las Conchas will be beautiful memories lasting a lifetime!

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