Bird Island off of Rocky Point

Bird Island can be a whale of a trip that is full of fun for the whole family and it can be quite an adventure just in the trip out to the island and what you will see of sea life at different times during the year. The Sea of Cortez is so pretty and as you leave the Rocky Point port and follow the coast line for a small distance you head out to the open waters and sometimes (in February – March) you may see whales, however most of the times you can lots of sea life and yes the dolphins.

We have two kinds of dolphins in our waters… The bottlenose (friends of man) are seen in small groups and once in a while you will see the wild ones that are in large packs. It is a very pleasant ride out (about 20 miles). When at the island we have lunch while taking breaks with snorkeling and fishing while playing with the sea lions who most of the time are playful except during mating season.

Bird island is the home to the seals and birds and no one is allowed to disturb their home with actually stepping on the shore, however swimming, snorkeling and kayaking is all welcomed in the shallower waters around the islands and many who take the trip like to take it again when time permits them. Plan on at least 5 hours for a trip.

Normally in the winters and spring there is one trip a day…. and during the summers usually a couple of trips will be planned for by the captains that go out with their boats. A trip well worth taking when you are in Rocky Point… My personal thoughts are to take the trip on nice calm water day…. lol……. Enjoy!

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